What to Look For When You Look For Homes?

Investing in a new home or flat is one of the most important decisions of your life and let’s be honest you have probably been thinking of having a new house since you were a child. The years of planning and saving can’t be forgotten when you are finally about to make the important decision. Hence, you need to keep all the possible issues in your mind. Because as buying a new place will probably involve taking a good loan and which means a monthly flow out of cash. It won’t harm to be extra careful. You have to consider while fixing a new flat or house is location, possession date and price, there are some more parameters that might be needed to look into.

  1. Price

Obviously the first step in selecting a house or flat is to have a fixed budget. It needs to mainly about how much you can afford. It is easier to decide on a house if you know how much you are willing choose. You can compare the price of different properties and check with various builders and get an idea if the builder you want to go ahead with has offered you a genuine price. At AND Agasan we have build aspiring lifestyle for the lower middle class and salaried people. You will find affordable 1 BHK Flats beyond Thane and 2 BHK Flats beyond Thane providing the buyers an abundant space of happiness and ease at an affordable price is what AND aims for.

Portal listings, brokers of the area or newspaper listings are such sources.

  1. The carpet area.

Usually a property area is super built up area that is listed and has the entire area including the elevators, spaces, thickness of walls and a lot of others. The carpet area only includes the area with the walls of the flat. That is technically less than 30 % and this area is sometime used to calculate the price of the property. In some cases, the floor is shared between different owners they pay together this amount.

  1. The story of the land:

The land that the building is built on is very important. You have to research on the quality of the soil the topography of the land it is constructed on. The plot should be clear of all the dues and needs to be registered. Your title deed needs to be verified and needs to be checked in detail. You must know about the rights and ownerships of the obligations towards the property.

  1. Legal Check of Property:

Ensure that the property you need is supposed to be legally authorized to construct where it is. The developer should have had approvals and NOCs from the Area Development Authorities, the other sewage board and Municipal Corporation. If you are taking home loan validate it from your property developer.

  1. Possession of Apartment:

We know that nowadays it is kind of a trend to give flat possessions really late and owing to the delay in commercial and residential plans. As a buyer, you need to have a clearer estimate of the timeline for possession. Usually, a developer needs to have atleast six months of grace period; he needs to have a valid reasoning for it.  There are a lot of projects that offer 1 BHK flats beyond Thane and 2 BHK flats beyond Thane are a preferable option for us.

  1. Bank Loans:

You need to know for sure what banks are you willing or not willing to finance like it’s certain builders. Owing to the bad reputation, some banks don’t offer loan to a few builders, be sure before you decide to take a loan for the house you check everything clearly for sure.

  1. Builder-Buyer Agreement:

When you select a home you need to book the same with some token amount, in return of which you get an allotment letter. Then you enter into a legal agreement that you should read carefully before you sign it. You need to clear all the doubts that should be raised at that point itself.

  1. Location of the Flat:

The location is the must you need to see the area you are going to live in you have to check the amenities, physical location and you need to reach to the basic places that is necessary to be analysed. These factors as well as the security and the safety of the area, the flat must be secure for the single as well as families in flat.

Buying a house is one of the biggest steps in your life, remember these important details that you need to seal the deal.

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