Affordable Areas for Investment Beyond Thane

Indian real estate market is a place where property values are constantly soaring high with no stability of available space and income. With the current marketing situation and the skyrocketing prices and unavailability of lands, finding a home in Mumbai is extremely tough. People seeking a home in the metro city of Mumbai have started looking for properties in and beyond Thane. Thane is integrating towards the level of progress Mumbai has maintained for so many years. Hence the properties beyond Thane are crucial for the cost-effective state. The 1 BHK flats beyond Thane costs three times less than 1BHK flat in Mumbai. This difference cannot be managed by lower-middle-class population, i.e. the maximum population of Mumbai.

Among top affordable options in Mumbai, Thane qualifies as a primary option. It boasts of its growing number of mid-income group population, efficient connectivity, and developments in infrastructure, etc. Five years back people looked for upcoming projects near Thane so that they can invest an amount around 15-20Lakhs and encounter an affordable carefree life. But it was not possible five years ago. However, now 1 BHK flats beyond Thane are available at feasible rates.

The areas beyond Thane are the best options for individuals looking for affordable housing and also preffred by the reputed builders like AND developers, who aim for luxury and affordability to the lower-middle-class section of the society. Cheaper rates and better connectivity to Mumbai are the major attractions. This makes areas beyond Thane an ideal destination for investment. Following are the affordable areas beyond Thane you should consider investing in.


Dombivili is well connected with Thane via road or railway. Maximum people travel every day from Dombivili to Mumbai because of better public transport and road services. Dombivili is under construction in collaboration with various projects by reputed developers. Two local railway stations are almost 3 km away and Kalyan is just 8km away from Dombivali making it the ideal location for the middle-class  1 BHK flat in Dombivli is much easier to buy than Mumbai which is way over the affordability scale.


Titwala –per sq. ft costs around 3200-3800 for 1Bhk. Plots around 50 lakhs are easily available at Titiwala. It is also the third largest station on the central line after Kalyan. It is situated around the River Kalu. The nearest airport is located at the distance of 74km. Such concise and flexible properties make Titwala an ideal destination for investors.


Ambernath holds a historical significance because of the Ambernath temple. Every year thousands of devotees visit Ambernath. They have various upcoming projects that will make the real estate sector boom in near future.


Kalyan is the upcoming town blooming with superior roads and infrastructure. The 2 BHK flat in Kalyan costs around 50-60 lakhs which is much lesser than 1 BHK flat in Dombivli or Thane. It is said that Mumbai University is under construction at Kalyan which will make it the hub of students. Also, the most residential areas are much closer to Kalyan Junction. In comparison with Dombivli, the transport facilities are much better and well connected to the private and public spaces.


Diva is a fast-developing micro-market of Thane, whose realty market has been sending out increasingly positive signals. It has become one of the nodes of affordable housing beyond Thane. With service road next to it, a neat and clean Highway passing through the city, clean pedestrian walkways and footpaths, trees planted on the footpaths, well planned plotted buildings, gardens, schools, parking space, gymnasium, jogging track, smooth flowing traffic, all this gives what a perfect city should comprise of. And that’s the reason behind the rise properties of Diva. It is an ideal destination for nuclear families in need of 1 BHK flats beyond Thane.

AND Agasan Developers aim to provide affordable housing to lower-middle-class people along with much-desired luxury.

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