Children’s Needs and Its Influence on Home Buying

People often do not pay attention to the children’s needs, when they purchase or invest in a home. As kids usually spend more time at home as compared to their parents, property owners and buyers should make sure that the home fulfill their child’s needs specifically. Moreover, the house should also be able to fulfill the child’s changing trends, as that’s the only place that’s going to be permanent in their life as they grow up. Your house should be a safe, relaxing place where you and your children can have the freedom to grow at their own safe space. New projects near Dombivli, Diva offer the residents the much-desired freedom and tranquility which is amiss in the properties in Mumbai.

Home buying decisions require inputs from each member of the family and children are chirping the loudest when it comes to voicing their demands. When you are all capable of gifting yourself a dream house, paying attention to child’s need is essential. Below we’ll be discussing how property decision making is highly influenced by children’s need.

Buying a new property close to hospitals and schools

Bread earners of the family stay away from homes for the major part of the day. It is essential to manage your children’s growing educational and security needs by focusing on the primal need of Schools and hospitals in the vicinity. So, it is important to buy a property in an area that has reputed schools and educational institutions, where it is easy to manage a child’s educational needs with minimum hindrances. The added benefit of having a medical help closer to your home is another boon every property buyer must consider. AND Agasan offers projects with amenities in Dombivli, Diva and Navi Mumbai which every home buyer must consider investing into. Their projects have schools and hospitals closer to the residential properties making it an ideal choice for a nuclear family.


Homes with adequate facilities are bought keeping children’s needs in mind

Water and electricity are the most basic amenities for a comfortable life. It proves to be stressful if there is water shortage and constant electricity power cuts. AND Agasan’s new projects near Dombivli come with 24 hours water and electricity supply which is not something you’ll find in major properties in Mumbai. Safety is another factor that makes a difference while choosing a home. Safety is a major amenity for projects with amenities in Dombivli. AND Agasan ensures the safety and security of your family with 24/7 manned security, intercom, and security cameras.

Connectivity is also a feature influenced by family and children ’s needs. Good connectivity helps save a lot of time, money and energy on transportation and makes life easier for family members. AND Agasan’s new projects near Dombivli offer outstanding connectivity to major cities and central line destination. The road and transportation facilities are up to the mark.

Builders try to charge more by highlighting family-friendly features they have incorporated into their property. But AND Agasan aims to provide every class member a home at an affordable rate. It is a well-known fact that prime locations of the city have costlier properties than ones that are closer to or on outskirts of the city. But new projects near Dombivli come with fewer prices and amazing connectivity. So, it is advisable to make a list of features that you can do away with while making decisions regarding property; doing this can help zero in on a property which is more affordable and is within budget.

AND Developers brings you properties, where affordability, accessibility, and lifestyle converge together and offer you beyond affordable 1 & 2 BHK dream flats. Located in the hottest and fastest growing real estate zones, encompassing Thane, Diva, Kalyan and Dombivli suburbs, life only gets better here. As the construction of projects keeps progressing, we promise you an ideal home suitable not just for adults but also for kids.














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