How Big A Flat Do You Really Need?

When the point finally comes for you to invest in your own flat there are certain things to consider like the location, price, environment, etc. The biggest contributor to the confusion while investing is whether to buy a big flat or a small one. During this crucial process make sure to consult an expert.

The outcome of staying in a 1 BHK home is as satisfying as staying in a 2-3 BHK flat. The only thing that matters is the comfort of space for your family. Here are few guidelines to choose the right home for yourself.

In today’s world, Indian families are divided into two broad buckets – the joint family and the nuclear family. Though the joint family system is made up of more than just one family, there tends to be a high degree of overlap between these units. Members of individual families engage in a lot of inter-unit socializing, and there are a lot of shared responsibilities related to children and elders involved. If you belong to a joint family and firmly believe in the related values that you have grown up with, a larger home is definitely the ideal choice for you. Upcoming projects near Thane offer much lesser rates to lower-middle-class families. A family of around seven members can live comfortably in a 2 BHK flat or residential project Dombivli, Diva or Navi Mumbai.


It often happens that a husband and wife, both earning applying for a housing loan, find themselves in a dilemma put forth by the brokers that, why to buy a 1 BHK flat when they can afford more.’ However, the couple must make a decision based on the number of children they intend to have or whether their financial tendencies are bound to increase in the future.

Their preferred style of socializing- Some families value socializing and like a house with a lively neighbourhood. But some prefer privacy, quaint sunsets, and few families around. AND Agasan’s upcoming projects near Thane, Diva, and Dombivli offer the best of both.

Another aspect that highly influences the size of the home is the family’s financial planning and future aspirations. Do they plan to travel? Would their kids stay at the same house after they grow up? Or most importantly, what are their retirement plans. Financial preparation for such plans will have to start early on and it will affect the planning of the house as well.

There are also other factors to take into consideration while deciding on what size of flat to take. A larger flat definitely offers more living space and therefore convenience. However, apart from the higher capital cost, it also entails more effort and expense to maintain the household regularly. But a young couple can’t afford the help for the maintenance of an entire house.

A flat should be chosen on the basis of current requirements and financial ability – ‘right-sizing’ is definitely an operative concept from the reports of real estate. A larger flat should ideally be the result of upgrading rather than initial choice since upgrading is always an option for people with upward mobility and upward income.

A 2 or 3 BHK is definitely the right choice to make towards mid-career. By this time, the children have arrived, their education is fairly well mapped and there is good oversight of all financial aspects in the next 20 years. This period and the period close to retirement is the ideal point in every individual’s life to decide upon the family’s final home.  In most cases, bigger is definitely better at such a point.

Upcoming projects near Thane and Kalyan prove to be an ideal choice for people looking for a home at affordable rates yet better standard of living. AND Agasan’s flat and residential project Dombivli, Diva, Kalyan, and Navi Mumbai offer a plethora of amenities and comfort that cannot be found anywhere else. Come, find your an ideal home only at AND Agasan.


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