How profitable is the Real estate investment in Thane?

Real estate investments have globally is a proven gain in today’s day and age. It is also gaining momentum in India and its estimated growth will be around 30 % in the coming decade. In 2017 alone, the real estate industry in India grew by approximately 7% and is still under constant growth not only in major areas of Mumbai but also in properties near Thane or Kalyan. However, earning money from your real estate investments is both tricky and exciting at the same time. So it is crucial to understand various factors and rules of investments before making any huge real investment commitment. Whether you are looking for properties in Mumbai or properties for sale beyond Thane by following below steps you can definitely profit well on your investment.

Begin by finding the growth statistics

Investing in properties in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune has created tremendous profit in the last few years. But while the location is one of the necessary factors in property investment, it should solely not be the reason for your investment. It is necessary, to consider the available growth statistics. A growth corridor is essentially a property which compliments easy transit routes, educational and healthcare institutions, shopping centres and other public spaces. In a city like Mumbai, it is difficult to find properties with all your required investment requirements. However, properties for sale beyond Thane offer great projects in Diva, Kalyan, Dombivli. Some of the noteworthy builders like AND Agasan, Lodha Group, etc have come up with projects near Thane with higher growth ratio than Mumbai.

Consider the rental income

 If your purpose of the investment is to yield rental income, real estate is a good option as it can contribute to both, capital appreciation in the long run and help you deal with your loans EMI if you’ve taken any loans. Make sure to invest in properties which have a high economic reach and other opportunities as you have the opportunity to yield higher profits in such areas. The upcoming metros and the already established international schools, health care, and hospitality centres makes projects near Thane even more desirable. Projects for sale beyond Thane have easy access to all necessary amenities and facilities and Thane is on its way to be a huge industrial unit and it is said that Thane will surpass Mumbai in near future.

Consider the hold period

As a locality upgrades, it draws an increasing demand from investors and homebuyers. But you must remember that every property goes through its ups and downs; you won’t always see sustained growth in a single location, even if it is in posh areas like Colaba, Bandra or Juhu in Mumbai. As such, the ideal period of time for one to remain invested in a property is about 4-5 years, or longer is possible. During this time, fluctuations are normal but a patient investor is guaranteed to earn a profit. However in the case with projects near Thane fluctuation is not on the table with increasing liability, which Thane properties offer.

 AnantNath Developers is a promising entity in the world of lifestyle building. It’s strong vision and mission of creating a lifestyle that promises to provide a life with an “extra” factor is unique. AnantNath Developers is a promising entity in the world of lifestyle building.  In the future, AND will raise its bar and enter the luxury segment, creating outstanding landmarks that will stand the test of time. The brand will also enter other areas of infrastructure like retail, hospitality, roadways with the promise of offering ‘much more’. Their future projects consist of upcoming affordable hubs like Dombivli, Kalyan and Navi Mumbai. They make the perfect real estate investment option and they offer leading projects near Thane which will maximize your profit and comfort at the same time.



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