Important Factors To Be Considered While Investing In Under Construction Projects

Buying your dream house is not as easy as you think it is. Various factors need to be considered to make your house the ideal dream house. You should definitely invest in a property that you’re happy with and won’t regret later.
Every individual has a vision of what his/ her dream home should look like. The number of rooms, the area per square feet, the locality, and the amenities available in the locality are a few of the crucial factors to consider when one sets out to purchase a new house. Since buying a new home is a lifelong commitment it is essential that you do thorough research about the real estate scene in that area. Many individuals refrain themselves from buying ready-to-move-in properties since they don’t have many options for customizing the place. That’s one of the main reasons why people from Mumbai tend to invest in projects near Thane as there is more availability of space and freedom to choose from.


Mumbai is the biggest metropolitan city in India but it doesn’t offer the amenities that middle-class family looks for. Projects near Thane or beyond Thane provide an ocean of properties to choose from. Developers like AND Agasan from Diva offer luxurious space to the middle-income group. With their authentic and unique amenities, they are redefining affordability. Along with better connectivity to Mumbai and to industrial units like Badlapur, Ambernath make AND Agasan an ideal project near Thane for middle salaried people to invest in.

Irrespective of this, it does not matter whether you want to invest in a ready-to-move-in apartment or under construction property; here are some traps a lot of buyers tend to fall into:

• It is the builder’s reputation that will encourage you to purchase a property. Hence it is important to ensure that the builders have not committed any scams or has illegal construction pending somewhere. Check out their background thoroughly before investing in under construction property. AND Agasan properties ensure you the safety and trust that every consumer deserve from another end. New projects near Thane are in real estate competition with AND Agasan thanks to their credibility.
• Ensure you get everything on paper. As a buyer make sure not to sign anything until the stages are negotiated and decided upon or written in a contract. If you decide to invest in under construction property make sure to keep a detailed report of the builders in the contract. Keep the track of when the apartment will be finished, what steps to take if the apartment is not finished on time and what is the deadline. These are the crucial point which cannot be ignored if investing in under construction properties.
• If you are investing in projects near Thane it is important that you take a copy of the construction project from the builder. Floor plan and duty stamp of the authorities a some of the factors you need to scan before invest in an under construction project. Since Mumbai is not cheap, properties in Dombivli, Kalyanand Diva are taken under construction by various builders. Hence before investing make sure to critically sort through the list of builders and make the right choice.
• As a potential homebuyer, it is important you ask for the commencement certificate of the floor and the entire construction site. This certificate plays a pivotal role in case the construction is not done on time or not done as desired. Say for example, if the apartment you booked for is on the 9th floor, but the construction is completed only till 5th floor, then the certificate proves to be beneficial for according to legal prospects.

About AND Developers
Two visionaries, Mr. Hemant Chheda and Mr. Hemang Dharamshi, arose with a brand new venture in the real estate industry, named AND (AnantNath Developers). AND Agasan aspires to provide quality lifestyles for lower middle and salaried class, providing them with an abundance of happiness at affordable prices.

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