The Home Buyers’ Guide to Choosing the Right Amenities

Amenities are an important part of any real estate project. The choice of amenities should be evaluated on the basis of personal preferences, requirements, availability, affordability, and exclusivity. Experts often recommend that buyers should only opt for something that they are completely aware of and not fall for the scam of rosy pictures. Amenities add some fixed cost when it comes to resale of the flat. While some amenities are essential, like a security system, elevators, etc., property sellers may, at times, also highlight amenities to hide flaws in the project flaws or to propel the sales momentum. But AND Agasan is different. Our mission is to extend our services completely in building trust in the hearts of all our customers. Our aim is to provide homes that meet all our customer’s need and yet be affordable. We plan to further this thought by standing strong on principles guiding both of us thereby being considered as a brand worth investing in for generations to come. Our ongoing residential projects in Diva offer a plethora of amenities to suit every consumer’s need.

What amenities are important and what to avoid?

The budget and the segment that the home buyer belongs to, also play an important role in deciding whether certain amenities are essential or avoidable. Hence, upcoming projects near Thane make the cut when it comes to choosing home for every sector of the society. For example, a swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, spa, bar, etc., can come under the avoidable list, for affordable home buyers. However, for home buyers in the luxury segment, these could be the basic requirements. An affordable home buyer may feel satisfied with a basic home, without any extra facilities, whereas a luxury home buyer may want more than the amenities that are already provided in a project. That’s where AND Agasan comes in the scenario. We aim to offer luxury and affordability through our properties.

What amenities to focus on?

Buyers should first evaluate their needs and compare it against the services available in the micro-market and then look at the amenities provided in the project. This is the best way to choose a home for yourself.
From parking facilities, CCTV, and 24×7 security to breathing space and power backup to common areas, AND Agasan’s ongoing residential projects in Diva offer all this at an extremely comfortable price. Our flats ensure extraordinary ventilation that makes you forget the horrendous city noise and pollution.

The parking area is another important factor (if you have a car). Does the upcoming projects near Thane or Mumbai cover parking area? This ensures the safety of your vehicle. Also, the project must have a good security system installed form monitoring people who enter and exit from the complex. Also, there must be support staff available for maintenance. You must see that the residential project offers kids play area. AND Agasan offers all this just and much more. We offer intercom facilities, 24 hours manned security and surveillance to secure the surroundings efficiently. Our senior sittings along with kid’s play area and garden make us the ideal project to invest in.

The list of amenities that are broadly recognised as essential or discretionary for the home buyers are:
• Car parking
• Security services
• Water supply
• Elevators
• Power backup

At AND Developers we offer all this and much more for your satisfaction and convenience. Our ongoing residential projects in Diva offer affordability, accessibility and lifestyle converge together and offer you beyond affordable 1 & 2 BHK dream flats. Located in the hottest and fastest growing real estate zones, encompassing Thane, Diva, Kalyan and Dombivli suburbs, life only gets better here. As the construction of projects keeps progressing, we continue turning dream homes into reality.

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