Tips For First Time Home Buyers

Two visionaries, Mr. Hemant Chheda and Mr. Hemang Dharamshi, arose with a brand new venture in the real estate industry, named AND (AnantNath Developers).They aspire to provide quality lifestyles for lower middle and salaried class, providing them with an abundance of happiness at affordable prices.The most important features of buying a home are the location, amenities, house layout, and neighbourhood. There are various new projects near Thane or Mumbai that will offer you a superior lifestyle and luxury. However, they won’t be able to offer quality living at affordable prices. AND Developers aim to offer you a quality lifestyle at affordable prices. AND Agasan developers is the most credible project near Thane.

One of the most overwhelming feelings one can ever experience is the process of buying a house. There’s so much to choose from. Do you wish to buy a brand- new property or an existing one? Do you need a ready to move in-house or one that is under construction? Is it affordable to you? Making decisions considering these scenarios is not easy. Here are a few tips to remember if you are a first-time house buyer.


The type of house you would want to choose will depend on how secure and sound your bank account is. A major step is to analyze the credits and debits of your account. Before investing in any property analyze the bank loan possibilities. For example- if you like a project near Thane which is priced around 90 lakhs and your bank loan is around 40 lakh then on average your EMI per month will be INR 40,000 per month. Accordingly, plan your finances and then decide on what is the best time to set out for apartment hunting.

2.Size of the home
The configuration of home you are looking at is 1BHK flat, 2 BHK flat, 3 BHK and so on. These configurations depend on the size of your family and your budget. For a nuclear family,1 BHK flats are ideal. Also, you have the choice to upgrade your flats to 2 or 3 BHK in future. Thane is extremely crowded and mini-Mumbai currently. New projects near Thane like AND Agasan aspire to offer affordable housing to lower middle-class income group. AND Agasan’s flats in Diva are better connected to Mumbai through Rail and other public transports making it an ideal destination for individuals looking for affordable housing and a luxurious lifestyle.

Location is one of the most important factors while purchasing a house as it determines your daily commute and convenience. Projects near Thane are centrally connected via roads and railways To Mumbai.
Diva is equally connected to Mumbai and other metropolitan areas. For e.g.; Eastern Express Highway, LBS Marg is a few km away from Diva and Thane. The Yeoor Hills is as close to the city as it is to any scenic place.

Amenities are designed are to elevate the standards of living. New projects near Thane offer exquisite amenities at affordable rates. If you are looking for a residential project to suffice all your needs AND Agasan properties are the right place for you. Their project is located close to nature and it is constantly going under tremendous infrastructural development. There are schools, malls and medical facilities 5 to 10 km away from the project.

• The title deed is the most important document as it gives details about ownership, rights, obligations, and mortgages on the property.
• Land Title Certificate – This certificate signifies that land and the plot of the project is developed and free from all legalities.
• Commence Certificate – This certificate is necessary for commencement for any project.
• NOC’S (No Objection Certificates) procured for the smooth working of electricity, water, and other facilities.
These are the aspects which will help you make an informed decision in home buying. Buying yourself a new home will give you nothing but happiness.

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