Why invest in AND Agasan?

AND Agasan developers are known for offering luxurious space at affordable rates. Luxury is an aspect they don’t wish to compromise on and therefore all their projects have been embellished to suit each of our customer’s need for extravagance and a superior lifestyle. They have added the urge of getting more and giving more in our organizational values and as a lifestyle maker, AND promises to provide more value, more excellence, more life and more quality in every pace of our business. They have invested largely in technology and affordability factor to catch up with the advancements around us.

With the help of these technological enhancements, they effectively ensure the basic needs of customers. The 1 BHK flats in Agasan Village are equally luxurious and spacious as the 1 and 2 BHK flat in Kalyan or Mumbai. They not only provide ideal homes to their buyers but also the much-desired lifestyle that has all kinds of amenities and health facilities. They ensure the buyers with healthy and affordable lifestyle. Hence you should definitely consider buying 2 or 1 BHK flats in Agasan Village and experience the best of everything at comfortable rates.

Keeping in mind the basic necessities of every buyer, AND Agasan offers numerous amenities to look forward to if you invest in 2 or 1 BKH flats in Agasan Village. Apart from the minimal amenities, AND Agasan offers much more to your lifestyle.


Be a part of the Community

AND Agasan developers offers you the experience of a luxurious gated community where you can let your spirits fly high. AND Agasan’s projects are quite far from the hustle and bustle of the city life yet easily accessible to hospitals, supermarkets, schools, etc. The connectivity factor is most formidable as it is situated in close proximity to Diva station and other public transports.

Be a Kid again

At AND Agasan for children there is ample place available for kid’s play area. Play areas are specifically designed to bring the fun side out of not just the kids but also adults. There are plenty of options to choose from and explore the nature in its truest form. Relieve your childhood memories with your kids in a world of carefree fun and joyful discoveries.

High-class security

For a city to be put in the category of smart cities the important aspects that one needs to look into are safety, security and emergency response. AND Agasan’s luxurious planned properties provide all kinds of facilities to safeguard its residents from all kinds of ills and crimes. Apart from providing good quality life they also ensure high-quality security to the buyers. 24 hours manned security and with foolproof surveillance secures the social welfare of citizens, and its operations are moderated by urban experts.

Become One with Nature

In AND Aagsan you get the opportunity to be raw and sportive in natural habitat and being in seclusion with no one else but nature around you is the best feeling one can ever get. Take a walk under the canopy of the trees, jog with your loved ones are some of the exquisite experience you can enjoy if you invest in 2 or 1 BHK flats in Agasan village.

Discover your Mystic Side

Getting to experience divine peace is an achievement a human body wishes to achieve but is unable to fulfil due to various work commitments. But tranquillity is another perquisite given to its residents through spots where you can connect with yourself, restore your soul and revive your spirit. At AND Agasan’s garden area you have can engage in yoga and find serenity midst nature.

With this perspective AND (AnantNath Developers) is ready to bring happy living spaces to every lower middle and salaried class Navi Mumbaikar with luxury and comfort. With soaring high prices of 2 BHK Flat in Kalyan,Dombivili,  AND Agasan proves to be the ideal alternative for affordable housing beyond Thane.


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