Why Kalyan Is Witnessing The Fast Pace Of Real Estate Development?

 If you’re thinking of making a huge decision of buying a property then it’s better to search in areas like Kalyan, Dombivli which now have become a better version of Mumbai. The most approachable factor about these places is the affordability factor. The real estate scene in Kalyan is on the bloom because of major developers like AND Agasan. Residential projects in Kalyan are swiftly developing and have a higher rate of investment. Buying a property in Kalyan might be the best decision you’ll ever take in your life. Now even the lower income group population can buy property in Kalyan because of the appreciation price and selling price. Kalyan is the locality which offers a wide range of options in the properties from Rs. 35 lacs to Rs. 95 lacs for 1BHK to 2BHK and 3BHK to 4BHK. As a 2 BHK flat in Kalyan merely costs around 50 lakhs making residential projects in Kalyan look promising.

We all are aware of the fact that property prices and rental prices have increased rapidly since 2015 in Mumbai and because of that MMRDA is reducing the property tax for small-scale properties. This particular factor has highly benefited the real estate developers in the areas beyond Thane. If you are a potential buyer and considering investing in residential projects in Kalyan then you are in the right place. In Mumbai, you can own only 1 BKH flat whereas, in 2 BHK flat in Kalyan or Dombivli cost the same price. The swanky, metropolitan locations of Mumbai are suffering because of the tremendous increase in rental and commercial rates and the statistics of the year 2016-17 are proof of that.

According to real estate experts, Kalyan is the fastest growing area beyond Mumbai and it is expected that in near future Kalyan will see a huge upward growth in the real estate sector. Various residential projects in Kalyan are available at affordable price and the luxury quotient is also high. Many buyers also prefer to invest in residential and commercial projects in Kalyan West specifically.

If you are going to buy 2 BHK flat in Kalyan, you are on the right track. Due to higher ROI on your investment, there are various famous developers who are willing to chip in Kalyan and Dombivli. Real estate market in Mumbai will soon show the upward trend because of some new policies in which one of them is “housing for all campaign”.

Kalyan is quite affordable if compared with Mumbai and has all the necessary amenities you look for in a comfortable household. The price range of residential and commercial property in Kalyan start from Rs. 25 lakh to 80 lakh with the options of studio apartments, 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK apartments. If you are looking for some premium properties so you can buy flats in Kalyan West or Dombivli area. According to real estate experts, Kalyan region will soon experience the highest peak of real estate boom that it hasn’t seen for more than a decade.

In present most of the investors prefer to invest in real estate market to earn more money in a short time by authentic ways. Residential projects in Kalyan are witnessing huge positive influx and it is expected that new schemes for flats in Kalyan will attract more investors and as well as end users to invest the huge amount of money to draw better returns in future.

AND Developers is a prominent name in real estate in Mumbai but are specifically known for their work for areas beyond Thane.  AND Developers brings you properties where affordability, accessibility, and lifestyle converge together and offer you beyond affordable 1 & 2 BHK dream flats. Located in the hottest and fastest growing real estate zones, encompassing Thane, Diva, Kalyan and Dombivli suburbs, life only gets better here. Invest in AND Agasan to experience pure bliss which comes with affordability and luxury.

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